New addition at Piper's Pub


What's in the big red box?

Walking past Piper’s Pub it is hard to overlook the giant red box that has been built on top of the patio. As more and more have seen it, questions such as, What is it? And, where did it come from? Have been circling around campus.

To find out what this box had in store we spoke with the owner of Piper’s Pub, Barry Grant. He informed us that the red box was in fact a shipping container that has been converted into an outdoor bar.

Grant states the bar will be fully functional this upcoming week and has just recently received its last coating of bright red paint. Grant was also pleased to explain that the shipping container has much more potential than just a bar. He plans to add a cappuccino machine, serve tacos or other university student geared foods and have live music. The potential is blossoming, and Piper’s could make itself into a local hotspot aside from the weekend Pub nights with cultural and social events.

The container was locally made and set-up in the town of Antigonish. The engineering is done to such a fine tune that the shipping container barely rests on the wooden deck at all. There is an assortment of mechanical addons built underneath. The windows of the bar are held-up with double reinforcement that can carry up to two hundred pounds. The standards had to be high in order for it to be approved since it was such a relatively large project for Antigonish. As you may see in the picture there are also emptied beer kegs attached to the corners of the container for aesthetic purposes.

Grant plans to add patio heaters so customers can enjoy the patio regardless of the weather. The patio of the Pub is able to hold around eighty people now, which means that lines on Saturday night may not be as strenuous as they used to be.

It is encouraging for the community to see a local business taking initiative in diversifying their services. Students are expressing their interest in checking it out and have no doubts that the new additions to the patio should prove to be a great success.