Campus Comradery through Hockey House Cups


What to look forward to in the 2018 House Cup Season

Second semester marks the beginning of one of StFX’s many traditions; House Cup Season. The houses at this school have some very unique dynasties that have outlasted the very walls of the buildings they occupy. Every year for as long as remembered, the campus arena hosts many hockey games between rival residences.

These match-ups prove to be some of the biggest athletic and social events on campus, and they bring together players and spectators alike to cheer for the residences that welcomed them to their first home and family at StFX. This year proves to be no different and each house cup has a lot of excitement in store. Students are encouraged to attend and share their house spirit and pride at their respective house cups highlighted below.

Riley Bathtub Cup.jpg

January 26 Bathtub Cup

“This year’s Bathtub Cup is a very special one to all current and former Riley Royals and O’Regan Leopards. This year, both teams come into the game tied 2-2 all time. This is a tiebreaker year. Good Luck!” –Matthew Trnkus, Third Year Vice President of Riley


January 27 TNT/Chillis

“Having an all girls house hockey cup is equitable and reinforces the importance of female sports” –Jessica Fullerton, Fourth Year Former Chillis and TNT Resident

"Chillis always looks forward to House Cup season as we enjoy seeing the whole house come together through everyone’s different and busy schedules. It promotes the spirit of Chillis well and we love seeing our brothers, MacNeil, join in and cheer us on, just as we do for them during TriMac!" –Emma Kyte, Second Year House President of Chillis


February 20 LaSer

“LAser cup is especially exciting for us this year. As Lane Hall will not be open as a residence next year, this likely stands to be the last. LAser cup is very important to me because it is a superlative outlet for us to express our Pitbull spirit. The LAser cup is the largest symbol of our positive rivalry with Fraser house, which I feel is very effective in fostering pride and comradery between our buildings!” Alex Bohan, Second Year House President of Lane


March 2 Burke/Off Campus

“I think we’re all excited to have Burke play a game this year. Last year, it was disappointing that the Burke residents and alum missed out on a huge StFX tradition. House hockey cups are about more than the game; they are an incredible memory to share with friends. I’m sure it will be a great game but I doubt it will bring the roof down.” –Morghan Malyk, Third Year Former Burke Resident

March 3 MSB/Plessis

“I just love how House Cups really bring the campus together. Plessis and MSB have such a positive rivalry that it’s fun to compete against them in a such a fun and upbeat way. The week leading up to the House cup is filled with so much House pride and spirit, it’s a great atmosphere to be in!” –Connor Newman, Second Year House President of Plessis

MacD Trimac.jpg

March 8-10 TriMac

This year serves to be yet another interesting year for TriMac as second years were finally allowed back as residents in all of MacNeil, MacDonald, and MacPherson houses. This brings a new dynamic of skilled players to the tournament and will give campus some entertaining and thrilling hockey to watch.