An Evening of Music with Scott Helman


Toronto-born artist rocks StFX and Atlantic provinces

On March 23, 2019 Scott Helman graced StFX with his presence and his music. I’ll be honest I was not that familiar with Helman’s music prior to learning that he was coming to StFX to perform.

Once I took the time to research who he was, I was able to recognize his songs “Bungalow” and “Hang-Ups,” you can hear these songs frequently being played on CBC radio 2 and might I add they are very catchy tunes that you can easily dance around in your kitchen. Besides having these two highly recognized songs, Helman has a full discography of music that is worth checking out.

Helman was born in Toronto and started playing music by the age of 10 and by 15 he had already signed with Warner Music Canada. Since then, Helman has gone on to release his first studio album, Hôtel de Ville, and other EP’s. Helman was greeted with much success upon the release of his music and has received countless Juno nominations for his music, and rightfully so. He’s also toured and opened for musicians such as, Vance Joy, Matthew Good, and Ria Mae.

Who doesn’t love a Canadian singer- songwriter am I right?

Even though I was not that familiar with Helman’s music I can honestly say I had some of the most fun that I’ve ever had at a concert. He’s such a talented musician and really knows how to put on a performance. Everything from the lights, the way he engaged with audience, his dancing around the stage and his personality really made the show come together.

It wasn’t a massive crowd in attendance, which in my opinion made the night better. You had all the room to dance, and it felt like more an intimate concert with Helman and his band, who are also very talented musicians and made the night one to remember. Everyone who was there was laughing, dancing, cheering and singing along, the whole room was filled with love.

I must give a huge shout out to the student’s union for putting off such a fun night. By bringing Canadian musicians to StFX it gives students a different option of what to do on the weekend instead of just having the pub to get your dancing quota filled for the week. It also gives you the opportunity to be exposed to new musicians! As well, since it was a wet/dry event it allowed for students who are not 19 to enjoy the night and not have to stay cooped up in residence all weekend.

I’m such a sucker for live music and supporting local (whether that being your own community or in a wider Canadian context) musicians. Even if you are not that familiar with an artist’s work whether that being music, visual arts, or theatre, check out their work and support them! It’s your support that allows for artists to keep doing what they love to continue to grow. 

I hardly knew Helman’s music and I had an absolute blast at his show. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the arts!

Cheers Scott Helman, you sure know how to pull off a show.