Our Team


Editor-in-Chief | Emily Keenan

Emily is delighted to be assuming the role of this year’s Editor-In-Chief of The Xaverian Weekly. A fourth year Honours Political Science student, Emily spent her summer interning at the Coady International Institute and plans on pursuing a Master’s in International Affairs after completing her undergraduate degree. This year, Emily hopes to improve the Xaverian’s online presence by using diverse news media and to increase student participation in campus news. Beyond journalism, Emily’s interests include contemporary and ballet dance, philosophy, and spending time with her large Irish family.

Artistic Coordinator | Devon Chisholm


Managing Editor | Victoria Cullen

Victoria is excited to be joining The Xaverian Weekly team as the Managing Editor for this upcoming school year. After spending the semester abroad studying marine mammals in Northern Norway, Victoria is ready to get back to X for her fourth year of Honours Economics and Aquatic Resources. Victoria hopes to have a positive and resourceful year with the Xaverian, further developing valuable relationships with supportive local and national business partners. When she's not working any of her 5 jobs, Victoria is likely to be found eating poutine, telling strangers how awesome her cat is and advocating for climate change action. 

Multimedia Coordinator | Renee Proctor

Renee, a third year English major, is an eager student with absolutely no idea what her future holds. When not completing her papers last minute, she can be found either talking a mile a minute or napping. This competitive badminton player lives for any occasion to wear heels and loves to watch behind the scenes featurettes of any movie. A born and raised Antigonish resident and third generation Xaverian, this literature lover is looking forward to a great first year with The Xaverian and hopes to get students excited about what's going on at X. 

Copy Editor | Misha Bakshi

Moneesha "Misha" Bakshi is joining The Xaverian Weekly as a Copy Editor for the 2016-2017 school year. As a third year Sociology and English student hailing from the Deep South of America, she's still trying to adjust to the Canadian atmosphere, in both a literal and metaphorical sense. This past summer, Misha taught and stage managed two junior productions at a children’s drama camp. Misha's goal this year is to increase media output by The Xaverian Weekly on social media, and to increase student engagement with the paper. When she's not nitpicking essays, articles, or Facebook posts for grammar, Misha is normally seen acting, sewing, or rolling dice in her latest table top adventure.

News Editor | Marek Viezner

Marek is a third year Political Science student and is thrilled to be this year’s News Editor. A devout news junkie, Marek strives to seek out the truth behind every story, piecing together details for every Xaverian in the know. Also a champion of free speech, Marek strives to promote debate and challenging knowledge across Canada's university campuses.

Opinions Editor | Sebastian Jurga

Sebastian is a third year Psychology student pursuing an Honours degree who spent most of his summer lost in the Slavic regions of Eastern Europe. He hopes to produce an Opinions section filled with thought-provoking topics and detailed perspectives on local and international current events. His interests include music and literature, longboarding and biking, and chess.

Features Editor | Sarah Patzelt

Culture Editor | Mallori Inzinga

Mallori hopes to bring the most relevant and thought-provoking stories to print this year. A fourth year Development Studies and Spanish student from New Hampshire, Mallori spent her last semester studying abroad in Argentina, where she fell in love with South America and all it has to offer. She works for the library on campus, and spent her summer interning at a consulting firm. When she’s not studying or writing for the Xav, Mallori can be found painting, running barefoot, or playing her ukulele.

Distractions Editor | Savannah MacDonald

Savannah is this year's Distractions Editor and she couldn't be more jazzed about it. She is a fourth year English student with every intention of joining StFX's Education Program once she graduates. She spent the beginning of her summer in Belize with Service Learning, and the rest working with kids as the supervisor of a recreation centre. She can usually be found complaining about people or eating something with cheese on it. 

Sports & Health Editor | Shelbi Kilcollins

Senior Reporters | Claire Keenan, Ian Kemp, Georgy Pyle

Claire is excited to be contributing to The Xaverian Weekly this year as a Senior Reporter. She is a second year student with plans to major in Developmental Studies and has her sights set on one day completing a Master's degree. Claire hopes to kick up interest towards the paper within the student body. Aside from writing for The Xaverian Weekly, Claire is interested in rugby, rowing, and traveling as often as possible.

Ian is a second year Political Science student who comes from the amazing state of Vermont. He looks forward to discovering and reporting upon the many interesting stories the StFX campus has to offer. Some of his favourite activities include going on adventures to new places and running out of DCB at the KMC (seriously, go check out the all day breakfast).

Staff Writers | Jane MacDougall, Connor Mahaffey, Scott E. Peters, Jenny Poirier, Jane Stevenson

Columnists | Chloe Brown, Cal DeWolfe, Rachel Revoy

Photographers | Lia Blackett, Jessica Fullerton, Paul Hurford, Evan Perry

Political Cartoonist | Rob Haswell

Distributions Manager | Vicky Morgan