Our Team

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Co-Editor-in-Chief | Claire Keenan

Claire is a third year Honours Psychology student with a concentration in forensics from Ottawa, Ontario. She is elated to be the Co-Editor-in-Chief this year along with Ian. She looks forward to making the paper the best it can be. Outside of the newsroom you can probably find Claire at the Tall and Small Cafe or getting frustrated about school in the library.

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Co-Editor-in-Chief | Ian Kemp

Ian is a third year student majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. Originally from Vermont, he went to high school in Quebec before deciding he liked the Maritimes better. With a strong interest in investigative journalism, Ian is looking forward to working with Claire as Co-Editors-in-Chief this year. If he isn’t in the boiling basement of the SUB, Ian can be found working in the Office of Internationalization or mourning the loss of his favourite pen that he forgot in Nicholson Hall last year.

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Multimedia Coordinator | Renée Proctor

Renée is all smiles as she returns to the role of Multimedia Coordinator for her second and final year. Renée is a fourth year pursuing an advanced major in English with a minor in Political Science. Born and raised in Antigonish, this third generation Xaverian looks forward to exploring a variety of possible avenues after graduation. In her free time, she enjoys playing competitive badminton, reading, watching movies, reading about movies, watching behind the scene featurettes and annoying her roommates with in depth analysis of even the most B-level movies. More than anything Renée hopes to expand the Xaverian's online presence and keep her fellow students informed and entertained.


Managing Editor | Peter Gillis

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News Editor | Jennifer Aftanas

Jennifer is a third year Forensic Psychology student and will assume the role of News Editor. She hopes to produce a News section with interesting and informative articles, that bring conversation to current events around campus. Her hobbies include, crime shows, investigative journalism, surfing and as a competitive sailor, she enjoys competing in keelboats regattas across North America.

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Opinions Editor | Nadine Pothier

As a fourth gen Xaverian studying English and Psychology, this is Nadine’s first and last year with Xaverian Weekly. Nonetheless, she is excited to make the most of it! As Opinions Editor, this year Nadine hopes to hear from many people as opinionated as herself. In her spare time, you can find this PEI/Yarmouth NS native (anywhere but the gym) doing anything from reading up on pop culture trends to singing the worst that pop culture has to offer.

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Arts & Community Editor | Corrina Degen

Corrina is super excited to be this years' Arts & Community editor for the Xav! A fourth year Honours Development Studies student, Corrina spent her summer as a research assistant and intern for a CSO in the Northern Region of Ghana. Corrina hopes to bring stories to print that really highlight the community of Antigonish so students are aware of the arts scene, social justice efforts, and on goings both inside and outside of the "X-bubble." In her spare time (wait, what is that?) she is really interested in radio production and splitting her time equally between the Townhouse and Tall and Small.

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Sports & Health Editor | Kathleen Haggarty

This years' Sports and Health Editor is Kathleen Haggarty, a third year Finance and Economics major. She is excited to report on all of StFX’s athletic successes this year, and keep campus informed on current health topics and issues. If you’re a Kenny’s person, she’s definitely sold you pizza before. Kathleen spends her free time playing rugby and mourning the loss of Split Crow Antigonish.

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Features Editor | Sarah Patzelt

Sarah is in her fourth year studying women’s and gender studies with a minor in Spanish. She has a passion for social justice and graphic design. You can find her work in the full-colour feature found in the center of each issue. She creates visually exciting and thought-provoking designs and aims to make people think critically through her work.

Distractions Editor | Rob Haswell

Rob is a fourth year Political Science honours student currently working on a thesis about American counter terrorism strategy or lack thereof. When not drowning in his thesis, Rob likes to be drowning in coffee. Renée also pressured Rob into writing this bio. 

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Senior Reporter | Jenny Poirier

Jenny is excited to be returning to the Xaverian this year as a Senior Reporter! She is a fourth year Psychology student who hopes to get the student body more involved with the paper this year. When she isn’t writing for the Xav or annoying her roommates with lame jokes, she can be found consuming copious amounts of coffee, cuddling every and any cat she spots, or eating her body weight in poutine.

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Senior Reporter | Chloe Brown

Chloe is a fourth year WMGS and Development Studies double major from small town Ontario. This is her second year on the paper.  She is also proud to be apart of the Development Studies society and Social Justice Radio. When Chloe is not writing articles for the Xav she enjoys napping, cooking, having living room dance parties, eating mexican pizza and watching TRASHY reality television.

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Senior Reporter | Salome Barker

Salome is a third year Women and Gender Studies student with her sights set on law school somewhere in the future. Born and raised in the dreamiest province in Canada, otherwise known as Newfoundland and Labrador. Salome looks forward to being a senior reporter and keeping the student body informed on current news and events that happen on campus. Favourite actives include redeeming shopper’s points (seriously get an optimum card for shoppers), or breaking it down on the pub dance floor.

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Staff Writer | Melissa Aycock

Melissa is looking forward to joining the Xaverian Weekly this year. She is a third year student majoring in Political Science and History, and plans to become a diplomat once she graduates. She hopes to contribute articles that keep students informed of exciting stories on campus, and that give a voice to the diverse groups within the student body. Besides writing, Melissa’s interests include learning languages, photography, and planning her next adventure.

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Staff Writer | Addy Strickland

Addy is a first year Social Justice student and is super excited to be joining the Xaverian team as a staff writer! She hopes to contribute articles that shed light on important social justice issues locally and abroad, and maybe even a bit of poetry every now and then as well. When she isn't writing or studying, you can find Addy roaming Antigonish with her camera, watching endless TED Talks, or daydreaming about all the places she'll visit when she doesn't have to spend all her money on university.

Staff Writer | Dayna Smockum

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Columnist | Leah Gray

Leah is excited to become a voice at StFX as a columnist for The Xaverian Weekly. She looks forward to sharing her thoughts as well as contributing to a dialogue on campus. She is entering her final year, completing her honours in Philosophy (try asking me what I think about the hook-up culture) with a subsidiary in Political Science. If you can’t find Leah studying with her bae, good ol’Angus, then she’s more than likely at the Pub having a lively discussion with the Socratic Circle.

Columnist | Sean LaPrairie

Sean La Prairie cleverly decided to enter the world just in time for his personal brand of radical politics to come back into fashion again after a half-century hiatus. Unfortunately, he also had the misfortune to be born a lazy sod, so instead of getting out on the streets and doing something he satisfies himself with opinion-having in public. He hopes to graduate with a political science degree which he can use to get verified on Twitter.

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Sports Columnist | Bowen Assman

A third year student from Edmonton, Alberta, Bowen is an avid basketball fan and loves to travel. It is his first year as a sports columnist and first year with the Xaverian Weekly.

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Photographer | Evan Perry

Photographer | Nikan Ghafari

Nikan is in his third year, a Chemistry major originally from Teheran, Iran but currently living in New Glasgow; He's hoping to add a lot of creativity to the Xav as one of our photographers by capturing news stories from a different angle. Nikan's interests include KMC breakfast flatbreads and going on spontaneous adventures.

Photographer | Kristen Bergman

Kristen Bergman is in her third year, majoring in women and gender studies with a minor in psychology. She hopes to capture people in their natural element, enjoying the university life. You can catch her wearing different adidas sneakers!

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Web Developer | Samuel McKinnon

Samuel McKinnon is a 3rd year Comp Sci major who comes from Ottawa, Ontario. He likes blueberry pie and his goal for the year is to be competent.