X-Project searches for volunteers


Photo brought in by Nikan Ghafari. 

As a new member of X-Project, I was overcome with excitement to begin my weekly journey at the Paqtnkek gymnasium working with the local youth. Before a variety of games were played, the elder-in-charge made sure that students had understood and finished their homework. After our meeting on Monday, I report with confidence that the students are intelligent and have tons of love and energy to share; I look forward working with these students and having conversations inspired by literature in the upcoming weeks.  One of the students and I have made plans to read a book next visit. For me, there was no turning back upon hearing news of the X-Project reading buddy program but there is something for every volunteer’s strengths including mathematics and physical education programs.

Active since 1965, X-Project was established by StFX alumni Joe Webb at the Lincolnville school where he was teaching president. X-Project is a non-profit organization which dedicates time for teaching community-identified needs to students in African and Mi’kmaq Nova Scotian communities with students typically ranging from the ages of 2 to 16. This year, the organization travels to Paqtnkek, Sunnyville, and Pictou County. It is really easy to get involved, X-project participants participate in a three-hour training for their Diversity in Action certificate. Once this is completed and a volunteer pledge, criminal record check and sexual abuse registry form is submitted, students are then able to take part in all X-project opportunities.

X-Project volunteer opportunities are also offered on-campus. Upcoming on-campus X-Project activities are the Halloween and Youth Leadership, both scheduled for Saturday, October 28th, 2017 between 11am-3pm. The Halloween and Youth Leadership activities are hosted for students from preliminary to 6th grade. Entertainment includes games, activities, face painting, trick-or-treating, lunch, and snacks for the day.

The X-Project logo depicts four hands holding a circle. It stands for strength, displayed by the spokes of the rim; and the hands are like the spokes’ mutual effort to roll the wheel. A value dear to this organization is collaboration. The value is manifest by the four left hands in the logo. Each hand represents the individual efforts of those who kept the X-Project society rolling over the years.

Want to get involved with X-Project? Contact the X-Project team by phone at (902) 867-3730 or e-mail at xproject@stfx.ca.