Winter Wonderland in Antigonish


Keeping your spirit warm in the cold winter months  

  The glow of summer has set in the last summer sunset; the crispness of fall is staring to sharpen into a cold winter wind and we’re starting to get settled into our winter slumber for another four months.

 The last warm summer days of September will be greatly missed; with trips to the beach and having a drink outside of the Townhouse with a sweet summer breeze still lingering in the air.

  Fall hikes in the Antigonish surrounding area and dancing in the fall leaves that came and went too quickly.

  But never fear, winter may be coming, and the impending doom of snow is upon us, but it’s not all bad. There are still enough activities in Antigonish to keep your heart warm this winter.

 If you’re looking for cozy places to snuggle up this winter, there are many places in Antigonish that can do the trick. The Tall and Small Café graces us with food and drinks all year round, no matter what the season is. On a cold winter morning after you’ve dragged yourself to your 8:15 class, nestle down with a warm drink and a gooey cookie, it’ll be sure to kick your winter blues.

 Another cozy place is right here on campus, hidden in Morrison Hall- Wellspring. If you need a place to study and Angus L. is just not doing the trick, Wellspring will always come to your aid. The Sisters of St. Martha offer a warm, “home away from home”, they have slippers, cookies, tea, coffee and some of the most comfortable chairs and couches this campus has to offer. When a bitter wind has nipped at your face, try to unwind with the sisters (they’re some of the coolest women out there).

 If you’re worried that you’re going to become too sedentary, or going into hibernation this winter, there are plenty of activities to keep you movin’ and groovin’.

 If you’re a lover of yoga and want to keep your muscles moving, there is a place that will fill your needs. Located on 208 Main Street, Asana Yoga offers different kinds of yoga and if you’ve never done yoga before, never fear! They have drop in classes for only $10 for beginners. I recommend the hot yoga session, it’ll definitely keep you warm, and keep the blood going. Plus, it’s a good way to release stress throughout the winter.

 Now just because it’s wintertime, that doesn’t mean that one must be constantly cooped up inside. If you find yourself having access to a car, or if you have any friends that are kind enough to share theirs, it would be worth your time to hit up Keppoch Mountain for their ski trails.

 If you’re not a seasoned skier this is not an intense downhill skill track, and the mountain offers cross country ski trails. If skiing in not up to your tempo, you can always dust off a pair of snow shoes and hike the paths.

 It’s important to still get outside during the frosty winter months; there’s nothing like a crisp winter morning with the sun glinting off the snow to reboot the immune system.

 I know it seems like winter is never-ending, and it does suck once you have to start wearing a coat out to the bars. But, always try to make the best of a bad situation. Antigonish doesn’t shut down just because a few flecks of snow start to fall. My challenge you this winter is to discover something new in Antigonish that helps you on those cold dark winter days.

 Whether you’re a first year student who might not know their way around this town too much, or even if you’re a fourth year who feels like you know the in’s and out’s of Antigonish, go out and explore, you’d be surprised on what you can find in our small but mighty town!