Vol. 4


Match the Quote

I like movies a lot. Each week, I’m going to list quotes from either my favourite movies or movies related to a theme (Frosh Week, the Holidays, etc)

1)      The Thin Red Line

2)      Trainspotting

3)      The Nice Guys

4)      Ferris Buellers Day Off

5)      Zero Dark Thirty

a)      I’m saying, I think they died quickly. So I don’t think they got hurt.

b)      Where’s your spark now?

c)      Choose life.

d)      Can I be honest with you? I am bad fucking news.

e)      You killed the car.

1B, 2C, 3A, 4E, 5D

1B, 2C, 3A, 4E, 5D

Weekly Jams

In addition to movies, I also like music. Here, we’re going to see what I’ve been jamming to lately. Like with the quote section, I may also do themed weeks as well (Christmas music).

This past week was a sad one for Canadian music. Hip frontman Gord Downie finally lost his battle with brain cancer, almost a year and a half after his diagnosis. The Hip were a uniquely Canadian band who incorporated various moments of Canadian history and heritage into their music and their activism. Despite never achieving large success outside of Canada, they remained a national favourite, and have influenced nuermous other Canadian musical acts, such as the Arkells and a Tribe Called Red. In honour of Gord’s memory, here is a few of my favourite songs by the Hip.


RIP Gord Downie and John Dunsworth

Fun fact. The National Post’s Facebook comment section is the wild west.

In the last issue, I ranked Physical Graffiti ahead of Houses of the Holy on my Led Zeppelin power ranking. I listened to Houses of the Holy in its entirety a few days later. It’s the better album. Oops.