The Hidden Costs of X-Ring


The post X-Ring dent in your wallet that nobody ever talks about

If you’ve ever even remotely heard of StFX, then you’ve definitely heard of the X-Ring. If you’ve heard of the X-Ring, chances are you know just how exciting this day is for Xaverians and their families. Some students would even say that X-Ring is more important than graduation.

However, everyone conveniently leaves out how much money is spent over the course of this exciting and short weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, as a fourth-year student, I have been counting down the days until December 3 for the past three years. However, I was undeniably in for a rude awakening this year; I had no idea just how much money goes into celebrating this momentous occasion.

That being said, I can only speak for myself and my experience, but along the way I have encountered some ridiculous expenses that I did not account for.

The Ring

This isn’t necessarily a hidden cost, but it is still very expensive. Chances are you’ll be spending upwards of at least $900, depending on which face size and type of gold you decide to go with. This alone is a big chunk of money to spend.

I could go on a huge spiel about the X-Ring and its significance, but to summarize I’ll just say that I do believe it is worth the cost in the end. So, let’s consider the ring as the base cost for the weekend.

The next few things may not be necessary for the occasion, but I have a feeling that for many people, myself included, they come hand in hand with getting that exclusive ring.

The Ceremony

Tickets for the Super-Sub are 25 dollars each and students who are receiving their rings are guaranteed only two tickets. This may seem ridiculous and unfair, but what’s even more absurd is the length to which people are willing to go to get extra tickets. During the weeks leading up to the big day, you can smell the desperation in the air. StFX Buy and Sell turns into a zoo the minute tickets go on sale and people begin to offer up their souls in exchange for an extra ticket.

Even if you choose to only purchase the two tickets allotted to you, that’s another $50 to add to your list. If you decide to go to war for extra tickets, there’s no telling what the extra cost will be. You may have to take out a loan.


Unless you already have an outfit in your closet that is appropriate for this occasion, you’ll be amongst the many people that need to go out and find the perfect dress or suit, and shoes to wear for when you finally get to showcase your new bling. This can range anywhere from $100 and up, or maybe less if you’re good at finding a bargain.

Many people also opt to get their hair, nails, and makeup done for the big day as well. This can easily rack up another $100 dollars.


If you’re anything like me and my roommates, you’ll want to take lots of pictures to celebrate the big day. So, if you don’t want to use your worn out StFX flag or your counter full of alcohol as your backdrop, you might consider investing in something a little more professional looking and maybe even some festive balloons.

Decorations can be relatively cheap, but there aren’t many options in a town as small as the Nish, so it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for without ordering online. This involves paying a fee for shipping, along with the costs of the decorations themselves. Also, if you end up ordering the big lettered balloons that are ideal for getting that perfect Instagram photo, you need to factor in the cost for helium as well.  This can quickly add up to another $70, if not more.


Separately, all of these purchases may seem minor, but once you add them all together, it can be quite costly. Factor in the cost of booze and you’ll be hoping all you get for the Holidays is money. X-Ring does only happen once, and for many people it’s something that they’ve been looking forward to since frosh year or even earlier. However, it doesn’t lessen the fact that this can take a major toll on one’s bank account.

Personally, I was nowhere near prepared for the amount of money that goes into X-Ring weekend. Everyone is constantly talking about how exciting this weekend is and how it’ll be the best day ever, but I haven’t talked to a single person who’s been focused on the monetary aspect.

That being said, this is probably a good thing and makes me feel pretty hopeful. After this weekend, I probably won’t be dwelling on all of the money spent. I’ll finally be the proud owner of an X-Ring and I’ll be able to look back on an amazing day, spent with family and friends.

So, in the end, I just have to keep reminding myself that the money spent is in fact worth it – because the ceremony and the ring itself are the culmination of the past four years spent at this amazing institution. The expenses may be higher than anticipated, but you can’t put a price on unforgettable memories. Now go get those rings, and try not to lose them; you don’t want to be out that $1000!