Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bring Your Parents to X-Ring


For some, Dec. 3 may be one of the most memorable days of your life. You’re going to get that ring that everyone on this campus has been dreaming about. Instinctively, we want the people we care about the most to be there on the days we care about the most.

For many, parents come up for their big day. Parents come from near and far, they come by plane and come by car. Alright, enough rhyming. Seriously, it can be a really big deal to people and I get that. However, the points made less often are why maybe parents don’t make the best plus one for a day like X-Ring.

1.     Super-sub tickets.

Let’s state the obvious right away: it is flipping hard to get more than the allotted two X-Ring tickets. In fact, I’d describe it as a downright scramble. Trying to find multiple tickets can add a lot of stress last minute while planning for X-Ring. Unfortunately, this time falls right around the time that many need to be studying for exams if they plan to fully partake in the scheduled X-Ring events. Clearly, this is some added stress that is not really needed nor welcomed. Stick to the book and facetime your parents to show them your ring on Dec. 4.

2.     Partying.

Albeit some parents are super cool, others are not really. No offence, Mom and Dad. If your parents are super chill, power to you, but a few things to consider if they are not. For one, this is likely the first time your parents are going to meet some of your friends. Some of your friends that you get absurdly drunk with. If X-Ring isn’t a party, I don’t know what is. This may not be the best first impression to make on your parents. Even worse is the people that aren’t your friends. Can you imagine the look of disgust on your mother’s face as she walks out of the Inn’s bathroom having heard three people puking in the stalls? Not the most ideal.

3.     Expenses.

On the one hand, having your parents here for the weekend can save you some money. They’ll probably buy you supper, maybe pay for your cabs to and from the super-sub. On the other hand though, how fair is it? Some people’s parents literally fly in. They buy actually plane tickets, to come watch their child get their X-Ring on a screen, sitting on bleachers that seem like the inside of a sardine tin. Plus, X-Ring can fall on any day of the week, which can mean taking time off work for many parents. Even if StFX is closer to home, your parents are spending gas money for an experience that can be comfortably had in their own living room. Save them the trouble.

4.     The nature of the day.

For many if not most parents, StFX is not their personal alma mater. They might have little to no interest in the school itself. They just want to be there to support you. Ah, an ode to unconditional parental love. However, an X-Ring may mean very little to them besides an over-celebrated school ring. As not being members of the StFX community, it can be hard to fully appreciate the nature of the day. Instead, maybe choose to celebrate just with your friends, people that fully understand and are as equally as excited as you about it.

At the end of the day, for many of you, it is worth all this hassle. Hats off to you and your parents, you must be a very tight knit family. Personally, I told my family to enjoy the ceremony from the comfort of their own home if they even watch it at all. As they say, X-Ring is for the students, and graduation is for the parents. Give them a break, and tell them you can’t wait to see them over the Holidays.