Pride Month at StFX


            Flag to be flown on StFX campus for the duration of pride month.

           On January 8, 2018 the Pride flag was raised on the StFX campus. The Pride flag will continue to fly for the entire month of January for the duration of StFX Pride Month.

            Despite the below zero temperatures, nothing could have kept students and community members from celebrating the raising of the flag. Several people spoke to the importance of Pride Month, and the raising of the flag. To name a few; Bre O’Handley, the StFX Gender and Diversity Advisor, and Robert Chatterton, the president of the X- Pride society at X, spoke on behalf of their societies and what the raising of the flag meant to them.

            I spoke with Robert Chatterton about what his hopes for this month are and he explained “I am honoured to celebrate Pride Month with StFX. It has been a long time coming and I am proud to share these incredible events with the campus. This month will include the community and show the diversity in our experiences and interests. Everyone is welcome to attend these events and are encouraged to come.”

            Although this event is in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, it is important to reflect on the suffering that many have gone through. On January 14, a vigil was held in Wellspring for those who have lost their lives due to homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia. Society has come very far with accepting people from the LGBTQ+ community, however, hate crimes are still very prevalent.

            Speakers at this event included Chris Frazer, Councillor Andrew Murray, Bre O’Handley and Robert Chatterton. They spoke of their own experiences of being in the LGBTQ+ community, both the good and the bad. It was a very enlightening event, as well as a heavy one. Candles were lit for those who lost their lives from hate crimes, and a moment of silence was followed to remember them.

            For the duration of January there are various events that are planned to celebrate this month. Lectures are scheduled to provide an understanding of what the reality is for someone who is part of the LGBTQ+ community, but also to enlighten others, and educate them on the LGBTQ community. It gives students, staff, and members of the Antigonish community a chance to come together and have an open conversation about the issues that the LGBTQ+ community still face in our current society.

            These events and lectures are also giving individuals a safe and open space to come together, ask questions and be in a judgement-free zone. It is important to recognize that even though this month is dedicated to StFX Pride, even after this month ends, it is imperative to keep these discussions happening. It’s going to be an exciting month for X-Pride, and it is encouraged that any student, or staff member that has the chance to come out to events, please do. You won’t want to miss it.