One Day Closer


What to do on December 3 if there is no bling on your finger yet

It’s that time of year again. Many are filled with excitement knowing that the day they’ve been waiting four years for has finally come. It’s X-Ring day!

On December 3, hundreds of senior students will get the much-coveted ring that they’ve been dreaming about. All those hours spent in the library writing papers, in the lab doing experiments, and in Schwartz studying the ins and outs of business are finally going to pay off when you can flash around your new bling to friends and family.

Now, for some of you, it is unfortunately not yet time for you to receive your X-Ring. Don’t worry, your day will soon be coming, and the wait for it makes it all the better. In the meantime though, what can you do on December 3 if you’re not getting your X-Ring yet?

For the first-year students, something to do on Saint Francis Xavier’s day is meet all the senior students that were in your res in their first year. It’s tradition that the senior students getting their X-Rings come back to their first-year residence to take pictures, and meet all the first-year students that are currently living in that res. I remember in my first year the senior students were super eager to meet the first-year students of our res and to talk with us about how their year is going. Some even like to visit their old rooms, so it might not be a bad idea to tidy up your little living space a bit for the occasion. It’s a very special moment seeing how happy the senior students are, watching them flash their rings around and remembering all the good memories that they had in those very same halls in their first year. It’s a really happy time for all around.

It’s always nice to see just how much the seniors receiving their bling get dressed up to their very best, but there’s no need for you to feel like you must miss out on dressing up for the occasion. You still have a chance to clean up. December 3 is the feast of Saint Francis Xavier. Our, at times, beloved Morrison Hall does a very good job of putting together a delicious feast for students of every year, and it is a semi-formal event. This is likely one of very few times you will ever catch yourself wearing a suit in meal hall.

Something else that you can do if you’re not getting your X-Ring is to hype up your friends that are. X-Ring day is jam packed, and for the people that are getting their rings, it can kind of be a hectic day, and somewhat stressful: fun, but also stressful. It’s a day to feel special, so help your friends never forget this day. Take those bomb pictures for them, pop that bubbly, and be their personal hype man the entire day.

If you have roommates that are getting their rings, or even just close friends, you’d be surprised to know how many little things you can do to help make their day go much smoother! If you’re super fortunate, you may even find a super-sub ticket landing in your pocket. Some people do not have family visiting them for X-Ring and would prefer to bring a friend as their plus one.

One last thing to do on this day if you’re not yet receiving your X-Ring is to simply think about how much it will mean to you once you finally receive one. A lot of hard work goes into the four years (for most of us) that you’re here at StFX. In those four years, you will become a stronger person, you will face many ups and downs that will change you. You will have new enriching experiences, but you will also have times when you feel like you’re at your lowest. Yet, at the end of it all you will be a new person than you were when you first got to this school, ready to take on the world.

When you leave to take on this new world, you will have a ring that you can proudly show off to others that actually represents how it was at this school that you became a new person, and how it was this school that prepared you to go out into the world to make it even better. Happy X-Ring day folks!