Egg-citing $10,000 win for Hannah Chisholm at Atlantic Competition


“It felt pretty surreal to have my business announced at the events”

January 16, 2018, StFX student Hannah Chisholm won the $10,000 top prize at the 100 Seeds Atlantic competition. 100 Seeds Atlantic is a non-profit organization that was created because of the Ray Ivany’s Now or Never report to help encourage youth entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada.

In the competition, each participant is asked to contribute $100, which will go towards the final prize money. This prize money then allows the winner to kick start their business.

Chisholm’s product is called 'Eggcitables'. Chisholm who has an egg allergy made this product to help alleviate her allergies.

The product is made up of a chickpea-based vegan egg replacement that can be used to make various egg products such as, omelettes, scrambled eggs, and other egg-based meals. Chisholm hopes that she will be able to launch her product in the coming year after she graduates from StFX this spring.

Chisholm was the only woman entrepreneur in the top 3, and explained that is was a powerful moment for her, having the opportunity to showcase women in the business industry. The Xaverian caught up with Hannah Chisholm to discuss her win and what her future plans were moving forward.

How did it feel to win?

“It felt pretty surreal to have my business announced at the events. This is something that I've been working on for almost a year now and to see 100 entrepreneurs in the room love and believe in your business, is truly an amazing feeling. Not only did it feel like all my hard work has paid off, but also reinforced my future with building this company.” 

What are your future plans?

“I've recently be in contact with a lawyer, so I can begin the process of incorporating and determining the appropriate intellectual property for my business. I'm also looking at securing suppliers, a production facility, and start developing an official distribution network. Someone at the Apex competition actually recommended I participate in the Summer Institute at UNB this summer so that may be a possibility.” 

Do you think this will inspire more StFX students to enter pitch competitions?

“Absolutely! I also hope some students out there are considering the Wallace Family Internship as well since it is a great opportunity to develop business ideas. There are tonnes of competitions (and free money) out there for young entrepreneurs. If you have a good idea and the motivation to build on it, the opportunities that StFX provides you can make it happen.”

Another exciting win for Chisholm was on January 25-26, she was awarded $4,000 for her Eggcitables business idea.

She came in second place at the BMO Apex Business Plan Competition at the University of New Brunswick. Chisholm also had the chance to meet and connect with new investors and business leaders.

Chisholm has a bright future set ahead of her, it will be exciting to watch her progress.