Debunking the hangover cure


Consolation advice for when you realize there is no hangover antidote

Everyone has their own version of a hangover cure. For some, an Iced Cappuccino is all that is needed to kick start a day after drinking. For others, Snow Queen breakfast, Gatorade, Advil, a hot bowl of soup, or even a glass of water is what’s needed to save their bodies from hypothetically deteriorating.


With homecoming having taken place this past weekend and with many more exciting events coming up this month, this topic of conversation is not dying down anytime soon. Not to mention that in the wake of mid-term season, establishing a hangover cure is essential to having productive post-pub study days at Angus L. While us Xaverians are known to have a good time over casuals on a Saturday night, we can also be very proud of our consistency in always filling the library on a Sunday morning. In order to be in optimal study condition, there are many remedies that help if you’ve been out drinking the night before.

Considering one has been drinking within the last 24 hours, it is guaranteed that this person is probably dehydrated, nauseous and tired. In other words, there is a jack hammer pounding on the inside of his/her skull, a category 4 storm blowing through his/her stomach and yet that still isn’t enough for this person to stay awake. This is when hangover recovery tricks are sought out.

It is important to note that the only true way to eliminate a hangover is to not drink at all, or at least mix in water between each alcoholic beverage. Any remedies done after a night of drinking are tried and true by more experienced individuals, but might not work for others or maybe only possess a placebo extent of effect.

For dehydration, the simplest answer is to drink water. Other solutions that would be better to consider is Gatorade to increase electrolyte levels. Drinking ginger-ale or an Alka-Seltzer could help control any nausea by settling the stomach. Treating oneself to a Snow Queen all-daybreakfast never hurt anybody, and probably helps a hangover just off of the pure happiness it brings. One last very obvious solution to the hangover blues is to get some extra sleep. It will take time out of the day of work ahead, but will probably significantly improve efficiency. As already mentioned, medically and scientifically speaking, nothing will every truly eradicate a hangover, but there are many things to be done to give off the illusion of its disappearance. Advil might relax the migraine, McDonald’s might cure the hunger and coffee might stop the shakes, but only time will truly cure the anguish that is a hangover.