Antigonish community potluck


Cultural Connections Antigonish's first community potluck of the year

On September 24, Cultural Connections Antigonish hosted its first Community Potluck of the year at St James United Church. It was a great opportunity to build connections within the community as the Community Potluck has been an event held since 2012 with the purpose of “welcoming and uniting Antigonish’s rich cultural community through food and merriment." The church’s main event hall was filled to the brim, there was even a need to add an extra couple dozen chairs to fit everyone.

Often, small towns are viewed as homogenous, especially in rural centers. This could not be further than lived reality here in Antigonish. Present at this event was an incredible variance in different ethnicities with the food being equally as diverse and exquisite making the potluck a space that provided a valuable opportunity for people of all ages to converse and learn a little bit about one another. From international exchange students and refugees, to StFX volunteers and Antigonish lifers, St. James provided the ideal location for all. Biryani, Korean pancakes, fufu bought cookies, were just some of the flavours available to taste.

While Potlucks are incredibly appealing to our taste buds, they can offer further benefits to the community. When individuals gather in safe spaces with the intent to share food with their fellow Antigonish citizens, great things can happen. It can be a space where traditions are upheld and shared with community members, and it fosters a degree of togetherness. People in these environments often push to sit with new people which allows the opportunity for new friends and a greater communal understanding of companionship and compassion. Gathering around such a diverse selection of food also allows opportunity for conversation to evolve beyond small talk about the weather, when questions are asked and stories are shared, people start to engage in meaningful conversations that are essential in creating understanding and acceptance. The Antigonish community potluck is a perfect opportunity to learn about the world through lived experiences in a comfortable, facilitated environment. It also provides the chance to step outside of your comfort zone and engage in some adventurous eating.

Cultural Connections hosts bi-monthly potlucks, with the next one occurring on the 19th of November. Anyone is invited to attend, with the requirement of bringing something yummy to share. The liveliness of the night provided a lot of fun. “We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity, life would be pretty boring” Commented [CD(1]: I ADDED ALL OF THIS TO MAKE THE ARTICLE LONGER -CD