A Hidden Campus Gem


Wellspring offers a calm and quite study atmosphere

Finding a decent place to study on campus is undoubtedly one of the hardest things to do at StFX. The library is too cold, the SUB is too loud and the PSC is too coveted. Imagine a study space where you can curl up in a blanket on the couch while sipping some free welcoming hot tea. Unbeknownst to most students, Wellspring is a place where you can do just that. This welcoming space, located in the 2nd floor of Morrison, allows for a variety of usable study spaces, which include a kitchenette, a gathering room and a chapel.

Wellspring offers a comfortable environment for all types of people whether you want to study alone or with a study buddy. Wellspring offers all the amenities of home to make it a comfortable study space to all. The best part about the space is that it is not just a study space, it is a comfortable and safe space for students to eat lunch, meet for group meetings or a place to curl up for a 20-minute power nap to get through the day.

The sisters of St. Martha’s provide a study space, which encompasses the mission “to enhance the life of St. Francis Xavier University Community through a welcoming Martha presence conducive to the development of persons.” Two sisters work at Wellsprings, they are Sr. Catherine Arsenault and Sr. Ivy Maccan who collaboratively work together to make sure that the study space is conducive for all students to visit. They make their presence known by introducing themselves and asking how your day is and make sure you feel welcomed. When asking Sr. Catherine “why do you enjoy working at wellsprings?” The response was “I enjoy interacting with the students as they are full of life. I enjoy meeting new faces and getting to know each individual. I like to check in on students and make sure they are ok allowing them to share what’s on their mind and enhance personal growth.”

The Wellsprings study space allows the feeling of a sense of community and calmness when you walk through the door. Many students from different walks of life study here for many different purposes. When asking students who regularly study at the space, “why do you choose wellsprings as your study space?” there is a pattern in the responses which revolve around comfort and tranquility. One student replied by saying “ I love studying at wellsprings because I have anxiety and I love the calm and relaxed feeling this study space provides me as it allows me to focus on the task at hand in the comforts that the study space provides”.

So please come gather and become part of the Wellsprings community where comfort and studying meet!