5 types of people you'll find on the 3rd floor at the library


Who they are, where they sit and how to know when you see it

Entering the library on a Saturday or Sunday morning can be one of the most challenging things; you may have had an awesome night that consisted of partying, drinking and finally getting a chance to brush up against the one you've been eyeing on campus.

Now, how in the world could the library be as exciting as that? It’s not like that’s what you’re coming here to do. Let’s say you find yourself on the third floor. You hike up the flights of stairs and turn the corner then BAM! It looks just like the Pub but… studying?

If you have yet to experience the phenomenon that is the third floor you are missing out on observing a type of human behaviour that is of the most fascinating kind. The floor has turned into something comparative to a hierarchical kingdom where everyone sits in the same seats, with the same people, drinking out of the same S’well bottles.

            As you walk in, everyone looks up, checks you up and down and finally watches as you choose where you will settle. Every moment must be planned strategically as to not draw too much attention to yourself. Don't go to the bathroom too often, don't sit beside the person you brought home two nights ago, don't go talk to a table in the very middle and try to get that cutie to see you studying so they know you’re smart – or at least that you look smart .

            Now that I’ve given you an idea of what it looks like, the following are the categories that each person on the floor will typically fall into.

            Number one: the MacIsaac girls. They are a power group, for sure. They can be intimidating as they disperse throughout the desks, leaving few available for the rest. Maybe you try to go early and get one, and yet no matter what hour, these girls will be there. Sometimes, it seems like a miracle they made it at all given the level of intoxication that they displayed the night before. It’s definitely the image of the "work hard, play hard" mantra that StFX is seemingly all about.

Second is the MacDonald house; the Highlanders are quite the characters and you will find few friendships tighter. You can find at least one at any time repping an MD hat or shirt, so naturally they are easily distinguishable in the music room. It must be that zigzagging table that gets them all pumped up for the next wing night.

Third is the TNT Tigers. These girls can be harder to detect as tigers hide in and around the floor. A usual spot for them is the music room, and they can get a little rambunctious when they come and go with their Mini Moe’s cups. That said, they are quite studious. They can be found typically in small groups or sometimes solo; though there will always be at least one hanging around.

Fourth are the MacIsaac dudes. Camping on the third floor much like their female counterparts, these are the guys that have finally caught on that there are a lot of gorgeous girls on this floor. A Mac dawg once mentioned to me “I don't know why I have never come here before, maybe I’ll get a girlfriend and an 80.” It’s the hopefulness of these folks that keep the magic – and longing stares – of the third floor alive.

Last but not least are the hockey bros. These fellows don't always study on the third floor, but they aren't subtle about when they’re there. Seemingly knowing at least one people at each of the tables, they will float around talking to everyone. These boys don't get uncomfortable easily and will make a point of saying hello.

It’s a small school and cliques are everywhere but I have never seen anything quite like it. Be sure to go check it out and maybe it'll even give you a little more motivation to go study!