Innocence and Experience


Collected Poems

“I to E”

When did I become afraid of acting differently?    

When did I want the attention you had?

When did my childhood freedom stain?

When did I change?

My voice changed from conformity to maturity.

Self serving and energetic, I was just dying loudly. 

Now I keep my peace.

I acted as if cool, but truthfully, my deep chasm I hoped to fill.


Change did occur for me, 

from place I to E.

Yet, I’m still growing;

I’m living quietly on this journey.


The beat of the soul thumping again and again.

Seeking to burst out of today’s oppression. 

The freedom song. 

The story breathes until the novel is shut. 

But for now, the narrator’s voice speaks loudly, softly, quietly.

Still developing its plot line: intro, climax.

Lastly, resolution.

“The Bridge”

Between us is a gap

made by myself

forming a vast space between you                          and I.

Yet, the bridge we build is in fact pulling our two continents closer

closing that man-made hole.

And when I look down from up here, seeing the pit incre



retract, I realize this gap helped me understand we are different.

And that’s alright.