Hold Me Brother


Collected poems


Everywhere I go

I want you to be

not just to simply be with me

come on man, I’m not that needy

but check it

I want you to see what I saw

You might like to smell

what I smelled

touch what I touched 

feel what I felt 

it’s just a thought

just an idea

that’s how we 1st appeared


All around me were iron bars 

till I found freedom 

untapped, untouched 

I had barely scrapped the surface of love

till deep down, you dug me out

How can I owe a debt 

to the one I love?

Can I be 


of the way you inspired me?

I’m greatly moved 

I fly free

“Black Artist Boy”

You have subtitles that come across so strong

your imagination and sense of feeling 

Is it with you I belong? 

Your world I long to enter 

yet I am 


to be surrounded by your strength 

My, my, my

you could swallow me 

Would you dare use it on me?

You are everything 

I want 

Black artist boy 





Can I be myself before it’s too late?

Will I see what is in front of my face? 

Black artist girl

don’t be foolish

be with him 


build a world 

Black artist boy