Reputation vs reality


Marauder's rewriting their legacy

Many StFX residences have undergone significant changes over the past year. Between MacIsaac Hall closing, plans to tear Lane Hall down and new rules within Residence Life, first years are experiencing a much different school year than upperclassmen have in the past.

Amidst these changes, TriMac has also experienced quite the transformation. MacPherson Hall has been reopened, completing Cameron Hall once again, and MacNeil has approached this year with a brand new attitude.

Last year, MacNeil underwent many difficulties, including a series of leadership changes as the original House and Vice Presidents were removed from their positions while the house was under investigation. This year, however, the new House President, Lucas “Rudder” Byl and Vice President, Colin “MarZ” Glencross have made a concerted effort to start the year off on the right foot.

MarZ agreed to speak to The Xaverian to discuss how MacNeil has worked to improve their reputation on campus even simply throughout the first few weeks of the year. He spoke of how it was not only the role of the HP/VP and the incoming frosh, but also the upperclassmen doing their part to maintain a positive attitude and emphasize the values that the house aspires to emulate.


The new Vice President did not hesitate to admit that the incoming freshman certainly had an unfairly rocky reputation to repair throughout campus, “it’s tough being the underdog and trying to prove who you actually think you are. I think this year, we got off to a better start [than last year] and we’re able to do more of what we really want to do and show who we really are. I hope, and think that things can keep going the way they have been so far”.

Though the new leaders of MacNeil have stressed the importance of being aware that the entire house is under microscope, they prefer to see it with a more positive outlook. They have taken the approach that, because of all the scrutiny, if they are able to step up their game and impress people and change the way their house is viewed, they will be noticed at an even larger scale.

Due to the efforts of Rudder, MarZ, the energy of the MacNeil frosh, and the support of the upperclassmen, the small, all-boys house won the Frosh Cup. MarZ stressed the importance of the boys understanding the StFX values and those of MacNeil particularly, and said that winning Frosh Cup was definitely one of the goals he and Rudder had set for themselves coming into the first week at X.

When the house was awarded the cup, it was no surprise to many on campus, administration included. At every event, from the Mi’kmaq flag raising, to the LGBTQ+ BBQ and panel to the sexual violence talk, MacNeil had an almost perfect turnout. Not only did majority of the frosh attend and participate in such events, they also jumped at opportunities to clean up and help out without being prompted.

Overall, MacNeil still has a ways to go to repair what damage has been done to their reputation over the past few years. However, with each new year, comes thirty new Mauraders with different perspectives and ideas for how to better the house. Both Rudder and MarZ have come into their roles eager to lead their frosh and determined to prove to the rest of the university that MacNeil has just as much to offer as other residences, if not more.