Is it worth living on campus?


Is OC for me?

If you’ve ever wondered what the big fuss about living in residence is and if you’re missing out, look no further. This is your guide to figuring out if you should or shouldn’t live in residence during your time at StFX.

The Pros:

You’ll meet a lot of new people when you live in residence. You’ll form a community within your building, especially those in more traditional residences. It also makes your first year a lot easier if you’re in an environment where you can easily become friends with others.

You’re right on campus, which means easy access to anything and everything. For those of you that like sleeping in as much as you can before morning classes, it’s easier to do so if you live a few minutes away from your classrooms. Also, you’ll be close to all the exciting events and sports games on campus.

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You have access to comfortable lounges, cozy kitchens and more. These can be a lifesaver when things get hectic at the library during exam time or if you grow tired of meal hall food. Furthermore, with alcohol being allowed in lounges this year, you can now enjoy some wine with your dinner.

There’s always some great programming lead by the CAs and HPs/VPs in residence. It can be anything from a game night to dog dens, but there’s always somewhere you can show your house pride at. Not to mention, you’ll get to take part in the hockey house cups later in the year too!

The Cons:

It can get expensive living in residence, especially when you have your own room or are in one of the new residences like O’Regan and Riley. If money is tight, it might not be the best decision to live in residence.

Photo credit: Kristen Bergman

Photo credit: Kristen Bergman

You’ll never be entirely independent in residence. You do have to follow the community code and if you break it – or otherwise get into trouble – you’ll be reporting to CAs or Residence Life. However, there are changes this year in residence that allow CAs more room for interpretation with the community code.

You’ll probably need to get a meal plan or have some DCB. While it is an advantage not to have to worry about cooking all the time, the food on campus isn’t always fantastic. However, if you really want to cook and live in residence, many residences have shared kitchens so you can opt to avoid meal hall.

You will always be surrounded by people, and might not always have much personal space. Chances are, you’ll be kept up some nights by loud people in the hallway or get frustrated with roommates if you live in residence.

Hopefully you’ll get to experience living in residence during one of your years at StFX, since it will be a unique and unforgettable time in your university career. However, if living off campus is what suits you best, then there are a variety of houses and apartments in Antigonish that are perfect for you. If you’re still confused about where to live while you’re studying at StFX, the Residence Services office on campus will be more than willing to answer any questions you have.