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Some guidance for some alternative answers when your friends suggest "Pub or????"

Our little town of Antigonish may seem like your classic small, less-than-exciting Nova Scotia rural center, but did you know it’s also a HOT SPOT full of cool and HIP places to spend your time? I know it may seem like the Pub and the Inn are your only options for having a great time in the 'Nish and it may seem like campus is a bubble that you fear to pop due to lack of excitement, but this however, is simply not true. For those of you who have yet to venture beyond the grassy green and red brick borders of campus, or those of you who need a few new ideas of how to pass the time, I have compiled a list to help you out!

The Tall and Small

Photo credit: Kristen Bergman

Photo credit: Kristen Bergman

First things first, you must hit up the Tall and Small on Main Street if you haven't already. It is located in the big green building next to Pizza Delight and it is a place you do not want to miss out on. During the day, it is usually bumping because of its great coffee, delicious baked goods and spectacular grilled cheese sandwich selection. It is an ideal location to study at and meet up with friends. Thursday through Saturday this cozy hot spot is open late, hosting a variety of late night snacks and grown up drinks (shout out to its acquiring of a liquor license). The Tall and Small has extended beyond your friendly neighborhood coffee shop. You can also find board game nights, live music and open mic poetry nights from time to time. To get you started, there is a coffee house being hosted by the X-Pride society happening on October 12th! “Like” the Tall and Small on Facebook to stay in the loop!

The Townhouse

Photo credit: Kristen Bergman

Photo credit: Kristen Bergman

The Townhouse Restaurant and Brewpub on College Street is another nifty and super cool place to end up on a Friday or Saturday (lets be real, Tuesday through Sunday) night. This establishment offers delicious local dishes and a large selection of Nova Scotia craft beer and in-house brewed beer (ask for Terrys!). If this isn’t enough to have you coming back every week, the warm and trendy atmosphere of this little Irish pub coupled with their themed nights will most definitely satisfy your needs. For instance, bi-monthly trivia nights, weekly jazz nights showcasing performances by StFX’s own music students and half priced beer deals every weekday 4-6pm, offers something for everyone’s interests. The Townhouse has a great Instagram page (@townhouse_rosie) and Facebook page that can keep you up to date on the great specials each evening as well as upcoming concerts and performances. Definitely an Antigonish must-do!

The Alias Centre

The Alias Centre is located across from the Tall and Small on Main Street. It is a great space that is open to the public to use for meditation and yoga practice. It’s an ideal place to check out if you are seeking some intentional peace and quiet or just some casual alone time. Equipped with a plethora of plants, study space and incense to burn, it really is a desirable oasis amidst the surprising hustle and bustle of being a student in Antigonish.

The People’s Place

The People’s place library is also located on Main Street, just past Shoppers Drug Mart. This community library has great study spaces and a really bright and friendly vibe. It is a great place to sit and read, rent movies or enjoy your snacks in it’s bistro area. The library is also a great place to check out local art and find out about what is going on in the community. On top of being a great place to hang out, the library also hosts open mic night every third Friday of the month which is open to all, make sure to check it out for some great poetry, theatre, music and

song. Another great thing to check out is the National Film Board Club, a movie night hosted at the library every fourth Tuesday of the month at 7pm. Check out their website parl.ns.ca for more information!

Cribbon’s Beach

This area of Nova Scotia is full of great beaches. My personal favourite is Cribbon’s which is located just 20 minutes outside of Antigonish. It is a picturesque, quiet, sandy beach which offers a great place to swim (if you dare to brave the Atlantic), explore the rocky shore and soak up the sun. It is also a beautiful and terribly romantic place to check out the sunset if you can time it right. Take the time to try and make it out to a beach or two before the snow falls, although Nova Scotia beaches do not lose their beauty through the winter months. If you are in the business of exploring beaches this fall, Arisaig, Mahoney’s, Crystal Cliffs and Malignant Cove (not a beach but a fun swim spot) are great places to hit up!

Getting out into the community will not disappoint you. We are truly lucky to live in a town with so many cool individuals and many great events. Once you immerse yourself into some of these hip places you're bound to find out about fun events going on all the time, just keep your eyes and ears open.

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