Meal Hall mishaps


Meal Hall mistakes that lead to the Freshman 15

A student’s first home at StFX is his/her residence, which comes with a taste of maturity and freedom. That being said, a student’s second home at StFX inevitably is Morrison Hall, which comes with a taste of Sodexo food. Commonly known as meal hall, Morrison Hall plays a huge part in student life, and unfortunately prods every student’s weakness; deliciously unhealthy food.

What is about to follow is 15 common meal hall mistakes that will lead to the freshmen fifteen and beyond. While most of these delicious mistakes are hard to avoid, it is crucial to at least try.

To begin, it is important to talk about flatbread. It is dense, and most of the time leads to no good. Two common mistakes students make with flatbread are creating their own Garlic Fingers and “BeaverTails”. With all the ingredients and apparatus at hand, it is easy to indulge in these unhealthy treats.

Another meal at the fingertips of any innovative student is poutine. Meal hall almost always has fries, cheese and gravy, each with little to no line up. This is one of the fastest meals to make at meal hall, but also one of the fastest to start showing on your gut.

The fourth meal hall practice to skip is Sundae Sunday. It is just as delightfully bad for you as it sounds, and should be avoided at all costs. To coincide with the previous, the next meal hall routine to steer clear of is going to the ice-cream cooler every day. Just because the ice cream is there for you every day, doesn’t mean you should be there for it every day.

Portioning is essential when it comes to meal hall. For example, chocolate milk isn’t completely unhealthy, but 5 glasses of it is. The stir-fry counter tends to give an excessive amount of rice, so it is important to ask for less. As for juice and soda, it tends to very syrupy to begin with, so it might be beneficial to water it down.

With our school being in a town that runs on world-class pizza, there is no reason to be eating the generic slices at meal hall. Kenny’s and the Wheel would be ashamed to know anyone settled for subpar pizza. It’s already bad for you, so if you’re going to eat it at least make it good quality.

Other mistakes that can be made include eating food from the grill while waiting in line for your actual meal, sitting in clear view of the tempting dessert counter, showing up late to meal hall and having to get something from fast food like pizza or fries, and skipping meal hall altogether to go somewhere on James Street for even unhealthier food (i.e. MacDonald’s).

Pre-drinking for meal hall, although sounding absurd, is more common than you think and is also a huge mistake. Coming to meal hall after a day of homecoming festivities is likely to leave you with no will power, a hankering for every greasy food in existence, and a potential trip back to res with X-Patrol.

Last but most importantly, it is imperative to avoid having a meal hall crush at all costs. The phrase meal hall crush is self-explanatory, and it is an extremely dangerous phenomena. The prospect of a meal hall crush will keep you at meal hall for longer than you need to be in hopes of seeing that special someone, add extra courses to your meal, and inescapably add extra inches to your waist.