What X can do for you


Make the transition to StFX easier by taking advantage of these various equity services.

What this guide aims to do is provide an overview of the various equity-based services offered on campus and in the town of Antigonish. Of course, these will be starting places as each of these services listed will also be able to provide you with further resources and support if needed. From providing free food to the hungry student, to support in any capacity, these groups exist to make your time at university better.


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Located on the StFX campus as a student society, X-pride acts as a community group in offering advocacy and support for those who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Transsexual, Intersexed, Two-spirited, gender variant and/or questioning. This safe space is a peer-based group that allows you to explore your sexual and gender orientation at university, with the appropriate support when needed. X-pride also extends into the larger community by committing themselves to educating the community on queer issues, hosting pride awareness activities and providing ample resources and services. In a wrap, X-pride exists as a group for LGBTQ+ students and allies that is social, educational, supportive and fun.


This centre is located on Main Street, so it is off campus but always open to StFX students. Often abbreviated as AWRC, this center acts as an independent and feminist, community based organization that provides services to initiate and sustain the well-being of women in our community. They offer an umbrella of services that include; crisis and on-going problem solving support, information, advocacy, accompaniment and referral. It is an open space for individuals to come in whenever and as often as they need and it operates with autonomy, confidentiality, privacy and respect. This place offers everything from individual support workers who guide you through everyday stresses in your life, to free sexual assault services where you are treated with efficiency and the upmost respect. The Antigonish sexual assault response team works through the centre to provide a coordinated response to survivors of sexual assault (ages 16+) who choose to report and proceed through the criminal justice system. As well AWRC offers a sexual assault nurse examiner who provides 24-hour emergency response to male and female victims of sexual assault (13 years +). There is on-call, immediate care and forensic investigations available. Support groups are also available in two stages. Lastly, the AWRC offers the Lyndsay Health Centre for women on Thursday’s which offers a space for women and girls to make informed decisions about their health care. Gals, navigating health care in Antigonish can be tricky sometimes and the AWRC is a truly safe space for you to figure out what is best for your well-being,


The ability to succeed in school has direct links to the health of our bodies which are no doubt compromised when we are unable to eat well. Operated by the students’ union and several dedicated student volunteers, the student food resource bank is a free and confidential service that stands to provide us, university students with the most sufficient and healthy diet as possible. Along with a service that provides free food for any student (confidentially and easily) this centre also engages in further discussions surrounding food poverty and instability on university campuses as well, is always thinking of different initiatives to eradicate them. The Student Food Resource Bank is located through the back door of Mackinnon Hall.


These offices are found on the 3rd floor of the Students Union Building, and double as a really chill student lounge area. The former office works to promote the diversified culture of African Nova Scotian, African Canadian, African Caribbean and African students at StFX. Through an on-going partnership with the university community, this office works to ensure adequate support, guidance and encouragement in making the transition to university life. It also connects students to further resources and services that include, but are not limited to, facilitating academic success. The latter office works to support Aboriginal student affairs and works within Student Life to partner with regional Aboriginal communities. This office also works to support and connect students in their learning environment both academic, culturally and socially. These offices work to advocate and continually aim to provide assistance for students. They generally have an open-door policy and a lounge to ask questions, connect with fellow students and just hangout.

To reiterate, these are just several starting places of equity-service groups. I encourage anyone in need of more information or guidance to connect with the Student Union’s Equity Representative at su_equity@stfx.ca.