Twas the Night Before X Ring...


'Twas the night before X-Ring, when all through the school

Not a student was stirring, waiting for the jewel;

The robes were all hung on hangers with care,

In hopes that Super Sub would soon be there;


The grads were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of gold rings danced in their heads;

Studying hard for 4 years, just about ready to snap

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that we need a long winter's nap.


On December third we will raise such a clatter,

Spring out of bed, it’s the only day that matters!

The last four years flew by like a flash,

Gained plenty of knowledge but spent all our cash.


It was never easy, that we all know,

But despite all the struggle, we continued to grow

When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,

But a ring on our finger and in our hand, a beer!


The important day will go by so lively and quick,

But the memories of StFX will always stick;

The wait has been long but the day finally came,

To wear our personalized rings engraved with our name.


From the library, to class, to home, or the Inn,

We all know you were lying when you said you went to the gym;

At the pub singing “To the window! To the wall!”

Making bad decisions and “blaming the a-alcohol”


They say when you’re having fun time will fly,

It’s coming to a close and we never want to say goodbye

So off to the ceremony all the grads flew,

Wearing formal attire and even dress shoes too.


A blue satin box with a gold ring inside

A symbol of hard work, achievement, and pride

We placed it on our hands, and all looked around,

We smiled at our classmates all dressed in their gowns


Two by two, students march down the aisle

Wave to the camera and give their parents a smile

According to tradition, good luck will come through

Knocking the X-Ring on the wooden chapel pew


Their eyes - how they twinkled! Their dimples how merry!

It was actually worth those hours in the library!

Studying for midterms and stressing over exams

Don’t forget about that last minute essay cram!


Take pictures with family and celebrate with friends,

This four-year joyride quickly comes to an end

Although it’s important, and all about the bling,

Give thanks to the people who helped get you that thing!


The story’s almost finished, before you put that book on the shelf,

Glance in the mirror and take a look at yourself;

Be proud of your mistakes and the life that you’ve led

Reminisce on your frosh yours with only a bit of dread;


You’ve done the time and put in the work,

Both in academics and your back-wall-of-the-pub twerk

Your second home will always be in this town

It’s seen you through your worst and the many break downs


Super Sub comes to an end and the evening a close

With a ring on their hand, off to sleep they all dose

The students all exclaim, “this school is pretty tight,”

Happy X-Ring to all, and to all a good night.