BurMac may come back: SU proposal underway


SU Execs and Coaches prepare presentation for Dr. Kent Macdonald

Amid the recent approval of the new house hockey cup policy, executives of the Students’ Union are meeting with BurMac coaches and other key personnel to come to a final consensus to bring the game back.

Photo by G.La Photography

Photo by G.La Photography

The traditional crown jewel of StFX hockey cups was cancelled last year following extensive damages and other infractions at the Antigonish Arena, but the coaches of both the Burke and MacIsaac hockey teams have been relentless in planning a return.

This past week, the coaches have been meeting with SU execs in preparation to present StFX President, Dr. Kent MacDonald with a proposal to have the game return to campus rather than the town arena sometime in March. The presentation will take place this coming Monday, January 23rd.

Key members of the group include SU President Taylor Chase, VP Residence Affairs Joelle French, MacIsaac Coaches Austin Donleavy and Colin Graham and Burke coach Scotty Sampson.

The three overlying themes of the proposal are recognizing problems, charity, alumni and logistics.

The execs have already made an effort to reach out to the Burke and MacIsaac residences to ensure first and second years know the delicate ground they are treading on. With that, former players on the MacIsaac and Burke teams have also been contacted in hopes of having some return to campus to emphasize the intent to bring the game back to its roots.

“The general theme of the proposal is redefining its purpose,” President of the Students’ Union Taylor Chase said in an interview with The Xaverian.

“We recognize the game’s intent at one point was for charitable purposes and we’d like to see it come back to that,” Chase continued.

While the game has indeed donated money every year, with the teams splitting the profits 50/50, Chase and the others feel that it would be helpful to concentrate more on creating a stronger culture of charity.

“We’re not doing charity for the game, we’re doing the game for charity.” Chase explained in reference to the muddling of past priorities.

The group’s proposal plans to also move the game to a Saturday to accommodate the academic concerns surrounding attendance. Further, the decision to move the game to the Keating Millennium Centre would allow the university and hosts to ensure student safety, says Chase.

Photo by G. La Photography

Photo by G. La Photography

If back on campus, BurMac would be subject to the recently passed house hockey cup policy. Some new changes include dispute resolution, roster length, and overall behaviour.

Most of the policy concentrates on the use of change rooms, which players have frequently misused both prior to and after the game. Users are expected to leave the rooms in the exact shape they found them in and will be escorted by security if they have surpassed the allotted 50 minutes given to change and leave.

Chase and the other members hope the policy will also coincide with the new approach they are taking to not only BurMac but other hockey cups too.

“We don’t want to take away the spirit and camaraderie of the games. We don’t want to change the culture to make it worse. We want to take that energy and channel it into fueling a positive experience,” Chase concluded.

With TNT/Chillis kicking things off this weekend, the Students’ Union is hoping for a smooth house cup season.

The Xaverian will continue to follow this story and provide an update of the result of the January 23 proposal.