So, now you’re a frosh...


An examination of life as a new arrival

“Drink, frosh”, “Figure it out, frosh”, and “Wearing that lanyard is such a frosh move”. What does it all mean? The word "frosh" is derived from the English word ‘Freshman’, and the German word ‘Frosch,’ meaning ‘Frog’; another word used for a grammar school student. Each year, we welcome about 1000 new frosh to our campus, introducing them to life at StFX by hosting events and parties where the inevitable ‘Drink, frosh’ is chanted. This begs the question; is ‘frosh’ a derogatory term? Is it a bad thing to be called a frosh? 

A few months ago, I was scrolling through Yik Yak, and I came across a comment from someone who was relieved that ‘Drink, frosh’ would not be chanted at them at parties anymore, and they would no longer be treated like garbage from upper-year students. It took me by surprise, as StFX is known for being like a giant family - from the minute you step on campus. 

Here at StFX, being a frosh is an honoured and envied position. You can behave as wildly as you want, and use the excuse of being free from your parents for the first time. You get to feel the joy of experiencing a Rita Wrap for the first time. You have four more years of Mini Moes coffee, late nights at the library, football games, house hockey cups, supersubs, wing nights, adventures to the landing and the gorgeous beaches, snow days, discovering secret new study spaces, breakfasts at Snow Queen, special dinners at the Townhouse or Brownstone, late nights at the pub, watching the sunrise over the new residences on your way to an 8:15, recounting your adventures while laying in your friend’s bed the morning after, braving the rain with your Hunters, and the snow with your Canada Goose jacket, doing the “walk of shame” to security when you lose your third ID card, being late to class because you ran into too many of your friends and profs on the way. Celebrating the good marks, and commiserating over the bad. You have four years ahead of new friends, new flings, and bad choices. Frosh is a term of endearment from the upper year students who wish they were back in your position. Being a frosh is a rite of passage, and a reason to celebrate. So, welcome to the family, and drink up frosh.