Lunch at the INN

There is a new lunchtime dining option available for StFX students. The Inn will be serving food from 12pm-8pm on Fridays instead of the usual 5pm-8pm slot. According to Patrick O’Connell, the bar manager at the Inn, “it was more the way the students union wanted to go. We’ve only had food for three years now. Before we were just a bar that served booze that was it. We started a full menu about three years ago, and we have gained a lot of success and momentum with it, and moving forward the idea is to be open for longer hours…we will see how it goes this year, and then, for the following year they may implement lunchtime hours one or two days a week.”

 O’Connell says that so far the new hours have been a success. “Judging by the last two weeks we have been open, the sales have been great. Its a good opportunity for students to come in and have a bite to eat early in the afternoon. I mean, we are here, might as well use the space.” 

For students who might be interested in taking in what the Inn has to offer, the indie band Wild Rivers will be stopping by on Friday the 18th. As O’Connell says, “It was kinda hooked up through the radio station. They are doing a tour through, so there will be original songs and a craft beer special night. Just trying to kind of change the scene around a bit.”

If you want to finish off your DCB and take advantage of the new lunch options, there are only two more opportunities, since the Inn will not be open Good Friday. “Coming back April first, the last one we are open, we will probably do some sort of trivia or some other kind of entertainment in the afternoon, to try and get some more bodies in, just to see that the kitchen can handle it, and see if the staff enjoy doing it. But so far it has been great.”