Analyzing the 2016-2017 Executive Team

Council’s ratification on Sunday, March 13th marked the official completion of the hiring process for next year’s Students’ Union Executive Team. For those of you who aren’t prone to following the Xaverian’s live Council tweets or checking up on Council Minutes that haven’t been posted since November, here’s the update on who will be representing your interests on 4th floor next year. 

Vice President External Affairs, Annie Sirois

VP External Affairs: Annie Sirois

Sirois has clearly demonstrated her eagerness to get involved with theU, successfully banking VP External after a formidable campaign for VP Academic Affairs earlier in the term. Sitting as Frosh Councillor in her first-year and as Governors/Apartment Style Councillor this year, Sirois has a solid understanding of the ins and outs of theU. 

Experience aside, however, it remains to be seen whether two years at StFX is enough of a background to lobby the provincial and federal governments on behalf of the university and the Students’ Union. Third-year is a formative transitional year between being a fresh 19 year-old party animal and realizing your grad school applications are at stake. Sirois has the necessary skills and initiative and will no doubt rise to the occasion, but another year in the waiting may not have been a bad thing, especially when considering that the two previous (and only) VP Externals have been fifth-year students. 


VP Internal Affairs, Joelle French

VP Residence Affairs: Joelle French

French was an obvious choice for Burgess’ successor in the old VP Internal Office. One of this year’s three Student Advocates, French can provide valuable insight on how to improve the workings of her sub-executive offices. A former O-Crew member and Vice-President of this year’s Model UN society, French, like Sirois, has proved herself both competent and capable of doing an excellent job as VP Residence Affairs for the upcoming academic year. 


VP Activities & Events, Rachel LeBlanc

VP Activities & Events: Rachel LeBlanc

LeBlanc is a curious choice for Activities and Events. A second-year student currently working for the Fundraising Committee for Relay for Life and the Xaverian, she is clearly willing to get involved on campus. However, unlike acting VP A&E Nick Carpenter, whose selection for Office was a natural step from his position as the Inn’s Marketing Manager, LeBlanc has no relevant experience that pertains to the Office. 

Moreover, LeBlanc’s application for A&E followed an expressed interest in the since cut VP Comms position and a failed bid for VP Residence Affairs. Willing engagement is to be commended rather than condemned, but an individual with a demonstrated interest in programming and improving student experience may have been a better choice. When the rest of the Executive has pertinent experience for their Office, LeBlanc appears to be the odd one out; a view that may have been shared by Council when her first ratification attempt failed to meet the 2/3 approval requirement and required a lengthy in-camera discussion and a second vote. 


VP Finance & Operations, Chad Hasegawa

VP Finance & Operations: Chad Hasegawa

Hasegawa’s appointment is a natural step up from his current employment as a sub-executive, House Accounts Coordinator under the VP Finance and Operations Office. While his nomination did raise a few eyebrows given that he lived in MacPherson with incoming President Taylor Chase and Vice-President Ryley Erickson, Hasegawa has the necessary experience to back any accusations of nepotism. 

That being said, if Chase and Erickson want to thwart theU’s reputation of being a circle jerk, Hasegawa will have to excel as VP F&O to prove he wasn’t just selected on grounds of being Chase’s roommate. A BBA Finance Major, Hasegawa is well equipped to succeed and is poised to do so, but an institution that claims to prioritize transparency and accessibility must not underestimate the importance of optics, even when motives are pure.