A letter to my future wife

A Love Story Told Through Music


My Dearest Wife,

I write you this letter from years past though you will be reading it present day. I wish to tell you that I am The Luckiest (Ben Folds) of spouses. By now you must know how ardently I Adore You (Miley Cyrus) and your demure. How fortunate I am to have someone in my life as strong as you. You will forever be my equal and my partner through Everything (Michael Buble). I will be your biggest Cheerleader (Omi) on the sidelines in whatever you desire to pursue through this wonderful life. 

Times will be hard, we are still human of course despite the resounding euphoria you may feel at times. When times do get tough and all you want to do is remove yourself from such heartache I will forever be there to tell you It Doesn’t Hurt (Katie Thompson) just as I hope you will for me. We are the A Team (Ed Sheeran) of course. 

When we start dating I hope you are ready to Just Dance (Lady Gaga). Dance until our feet can’t touch the ground or we stop feeling A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Coldplay). Perhaps ride our bikes down the main streets very early in the morning or very late at night, depending on your take of the glass half full or empty. 

Fast forward to our life together and my work will take me to New York so if you could my dearest, at least for a year, try a New York State Of Mind (Billy Joel). Our wedding day comes and you look so Dangerous (Kardinal Offishal & Akon) that I can’t stop myself from looking at your radiance. Exchanging vows with you will be so special and the chills I got when you Say My Name (Destiny’s Child). 

If we have kids I will be with you every step of the way. In the hospital I will help you through everything I can and despite the amount of pain my hand will feel I Wanna Hold Your Hand (The Beatles). Our lives together will only get better and busier with a family of our own but I know when I look back on The Story Of My Life (One Direction) it will be all worth the sleepless nights. 

On the occasions we are apart and there may be a few I just want you to know that I Miss You (Blink 182). If things don’t work out and I hope they do, I will always be respectful and accept your decision.  

Even through all we have been through you always need to follow your heart. In reality I Can’t Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt). Thank you for being you with all your quirks and habits that make you so perfectly you, despite us getting old just being together I want you to know You Make Me Feel So Young (Frank Sinatra).  Quite the life we will have together because I do want to share it and Grow Old With You (The Wedding Singer). One day they will write about us I think. One day they will tell our Love Story (Taylor Swift).


Forever Yours,

Your Future Husband