The Curious Case of American Politics

Trump: a bad joke gone too far

Sometimes I wonder what American politics are really about: is it the election of one of the most powerful leaders in world, or simply sensational entertainment for the masses? Indeed, some personalities of the Oval Office in the past have been dubious to say the least. From Clinton’s sexscapade with Monica Lewinsky to George W. Bush’s $1.3 trillion scavenger hunt for nuclear weapons, for some, America’s past choice of presidents are almost impossible to understand. 

Obama changed that in 2008, bringing controversial, but in my opinion much-needed change and professionalism to US politics. However, the glory days of Obama’s America are drawing to an end with this year’s upcoming election. And I fear America is heading back to the dark ages of the early 2000’s. 

Donald Trump: a bad joke taken too far, or the catalyst that will “make America great again”? 

Regardless, he’s still leading in the polls. Despite having come in second place to Cruz in Iowa, it’s still looking good for Trump. He could very well be the leader of the Republican Party for the November 2016 election, and that would put him only a few baby steps away from the presidential position. 

What would that even mean, though? At this point, I’m sure the people who support Trump don’t fully understand what he plans do if he becomes America’s next big wig, least of all Trump himself. From his questionably racist views on Muslims and Mexicans (some of whom he’s sure are “good people”) to his solution for the Syrian refugee crisis, he makes news and gathers publicity however he can, usually by insulting anyone who questions his shifty ideals. 

Speaking of Syria, apparently Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are responsible for the rise of ISIS. Who would have thought the opposition could have organized radical extremism while running the US government? Yup… makes sense.  He’s got a great solution to the refugee crisis, though, to simply make some “safe zones” in the country itself. How he plans to do this without deploying a military force into a country without any definitive borders I’m not sure, but hey, it’s certainly got a nice ring to it. 

In other Trump-related news, aside from his solution to national security “issues” that involves marking minorities in a database, he also shares another characteristic with Adolf Hitler: a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump has clearly proved his peace-loving ways time and time again with statements such as, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK.” Does this nomination make of any of his avowed views significant? Hell no; but then again I don’t think the leader of Nazi Germany was exactly a herald of peace either.

This nomination seems crooked to me, but who am I to judge. I’m not even American. The thing that worries me is that he seems to be the opposite of what both America and the world need. I could see his stance on Syria becoming too extreme for anyone’s good. Considering several former Republican presidents had some obsession with invading the Middle East, I do not think it would be farfetched for him to do the same.

He’s certainly got the support of people who would like to see that happen. The latest front of the Republican candidate caucus is New Hampshire, and its citizens, are receiving some lovely “robo” calls from some of his most blatant supporters, white supremacists. The message reads out: “The American National Superpac makes this call to support Donald Trump. We don’t need Muslims, we need smart educated white people. I am a farmer and white nationalist. Support Donald Trump.” 

Well, can’t argue with that logic. That’s definitely the kind of person I’d want to be associated with. 

I hope the Americans realize what will happen if he wins the presidency. Like any bad joke, this is going a bit too far.