Student houses hit by string of robberies


The weekend of November 11th, a larger than expected number of student houses were robbed. Items ranging from cash, large quantities of liquor, and other valuable items were stolen, students learned on Sunday morning.


Most of the houses that were robbed were in the College/Brookland area, an area heavily mixed with students and families.

According to one resident who spoke to The Xaverian, most of the items that were taken from the house were liquor, rather than other valuables in plain sight.

Another house was robbed of some wallets containing over two hundred dollars in cash.

Questions were raised as to whether this was one act by an individual or group due to the fact that three of the houses in the College/Brookland were robbed in the same night.

One house of students in the area stated that one of them was awakened by the sound of someone coming in and seeing an individual with a ski mask on. The individual was scared off once the witness shouted at them.

There were no signs of forced entry since all houses did not have their doors locked, a regular custom of Antigonish.

A fourth house was later confirmed to The Xaverian but in the Braemore area. Two full wallets were taken as well as two hundred dollars cash.

Police reports were filed by only one house.

The RCMP did visit and took fingerprint samples, but were not able to provide any insight on whether they could find the perpetrator.

The Xaverian Weekly will continue to look into this string of robberies but also advises all those living off campus and on campus to take extra precautions when locking their houses or rooms.