The Ash Girl debuts at the Bauer Theatre


A modern Cinderella story with a twist

November is one of those months that seems to drag on and on with only the tremendous excitement of the beloved exam season waiting patiently for us at the end. So what is there to do in November other than mope around, write papers and watch the first snowflakes fall? How about hit up the Bauer theatre on campus for an insightful, witty play with a great cast.


Running from the 17th and the 26th Ash Girl, written by Timberlake Wertenbaker, is a Cinderella story with a funny, mysterious, meaningful and modern twist. I had the chance to sit down with cast members and artistic director Andrea Boyd last week to find out just what was to be expected from the show.

The cast is a mixture of seasoned actors and those who are new to the theatre. The members are very excited about the show and are hoping that the fairy tale vibe will remind people of their childhood while the modern themes will be thought-provoking and relatable. The cast relayed that Ash Girl follows a similar story to Cinderella but features the seven deadly sins, portrayed through the animals of the forest. Many of the main characters struggle for acceptance within the society. Ash is a victim of depression and her own insecurity, the story is about her overcoming these insecurities. The cast believes that the narrative of wanting to fit in is one that many people can relate to, especially in this day and age. They hope that the characters will resonate with the spectators and recognize the story’s hopeful message.

In the dawn of a very emotionally-taxing US election, the cast says that the play relates well to the current political state of the United States. The story is about learning to understand others and accepting those who are different from you. Moneesha Bakshi, a US citizen, who plays Pridefly in the play says she believes that we need tales about outcasts and about those who see the world differently; we need tales about overcoming the fear of what is different from ourselves and tales with happy endings. She explains that Ash girl’s insecurities and fears about her life reflect, in part, the experiences of many Americans at this time.

Cast member Majd Alzhouri, who play Prince Amir, moved to Antigonish from Syria earlier this year. He says that being a part of the play has not only helped his English but has also allowed him to escape in a sense. He explains that when he is at the theatre he is able to forget about the war and the suffering that he and his family has experienced.

The Ash Girl cast is enthusiastic about opening the play in the coming weeks and hopes that the modern fairy tale will reach and resonate with a large audience. This one is not just about “the girl gets the guy”, as it has a lot more depth to it. The play will run for six nights total, starting at 7:30pm at the Bauer theatre on campus. Tickets are $12 regular admission and $10 for students. The show has 2 remaining performances on November 26th and 27th. The show has thus far received excellent reviews. You can buy tickets at the door or online at So come out, have some laughs, and support an awesome cast of your fellow students and locals.