Cameron Hall welcomes returners


Improved relations between MacDonald and MacPherson pay off

Cameron hall, one of the two remaining non-coed residences on campus, will accept returners for 2017-18. photo: lia black. 

Cameron hall, one of the two remaining non-coed residences on campus, will accept returners for 2017-18. photo: lia black. 

Reports have surfaced from the Students’ Union and StFX Residence Life, indicating that more changes will be coming to Cameron Hall.

The StFX Students’ Union has confirmed that MacDonald and MacPherson will be allowed second years in residence once again for the 2017-2018 year. 

Both houses were restricted in the amount of returning students allowed back this year, a decision made last year by StFX Residence Life. 

Students’ Union Vice-President of Residence Affairs Joelle French has confirmed that the university is “hopeful both buildings [MP and MD] will be full to capacity in September 2017.” French would provide no further comment on the matter.

At this point, there have been no official statements on whether MacNeil will join MacDonald and MacPherson in having an unrestricted number of second years in residence.

MacPherson and MacDonald faced significant changes this year when the university could not fill the MacPherson side of Cameron Hall, forcing MP to the two bottom floors of MacDonald.

So far, the relationship between the two houses has been favourable. 

In an earlier September interview with Bob Hale, Director of Student Services, it was stated that if behaviour in the houses improved from previous years, there would be some reconsideration of the changes made last year. 

At the time of the September 18th interview, Hale stated, “If we have 25 guys who want to go back to a house and want to stay there and make it a positive experience for students and the university, I’m okay with that. It’s just that we’ve had trouble with that.” 

According to MacPherson House President Tyler Brady, returners will be allowed provided that they have a clean track record in terms of write-ups. Brady also added that there may be an essay required for returners to complete to show Residence Life why they specifically should be allowed back. Finally, Brady mentioned that returners will be allowed to choose their rooms in which they want to live. 

MacDonald House President Logan Brown told the Xaverian that he and Brady, along with Vice-Presidents Randon Mackinnon (MD) and Kent Hasegawa (MP), came together at the beginning of the year to plan a course of action.

“At the start of the year, myself, Tyler, Randon, and Kent had two goals. One was to remove the second year ban in the buildings, and two was to get MacPherson their building back. We’ve put in a lot of work, but we’re only halfway there and we’re not going to stop working until MacPherson gets their side back and MacDonald gets all four floors back,” Brown said. 

Brown emphasized the point that both houses have made great strides in repairing the status of the two houses. 

Residents of TNT, the all-girls house neighbouring the two, added that the relationship has dramatically improved. The girls went on to say that most of MP and MD residents are friends with one another. 

Brady mentioned that the two houses have been sharing damage expenses which could be a potential reason to the added success. 

“All I have to say is that everyone in first to fourth floor on the MD side is ecstatic to [know] that they will have the chance to live in the building for a second year,” Brown concluded.

The Xaverian Weekly will be following up with Student Services on whether MacNeil and MacIsaac will be allowed returners for 2017-18.