New year, same “classics” menu

A mini menu to solve your meal hall woes

The new semester is now in full swing and we are all ready (or trying) to get back into it. For many of us, with each bright new year comes a shiny list of new years resolutions stock full of dos and don’ts for the year to come. Maybe you’re going to tackle more of those dreaded readings, maybe you want to visit the pub less or perhaps visit the pub more. For myself and many others I know there is the annual recommitment to a healthier lifestyle. Hit the gym, try some yoga and eat better. Personally, this commitment is often one that is attempted with a pretty good effort, for about a month or so before I slowly fall back into old habits. Sleeping through my workouts and sheepishly grabbing a basket of fries to load it with gravy and cheese curds because meal hall is a struggle all of it’s own. 

The meal hall blues is a feeling many of us know all too well. There is the familiar groan when we log on to see what’s for supper (and it’s ham and scallop potatoes AGAIN). Meal hall is not particularly ideal but as many things in life, it is what you make it. If your day of dissecting frogs, reading Shakespeare or doing your info systems has drained your brain of it’s energy and your last drop of creativity is gone, here are a few ideas to make the meal hall experience a little less lame and a lot more healthy.

For me, breakfast is all about the eggs. And lucky for us Morrison Hall is chalked full of kind meal hall ladies that make your egg line experience a cheery one (introduce yourself to Jarlene). However you like it: scrambled, fried, sunny side up, over easy, omelette(ed), the mighty egg is full of protein that gets you ready for another successful day. I am also a huge fruit person so I never miss the chance to chow down a grapefruit or some fresh melon in the morning. Eggs with a pile of fruit makes for a breakfast of champions. If you’re looking for something to curve that sweet tooth try a piece of toast, buttered and sprinkled with a wee bit of sugar and cinnamon. If you’re going to do carbs, the morning is the right time to do it because you’ll have plenty of time to work it off while you’re jogging from Nicholson to Mac and then sprinting back to Schwartz. But what about when you’re crawling to meal hall on Saturday or Sunday morning after a long night of fist pumping and $2.50 draft? For many, the hangover breakfast is a time for nothing but greasy bacon and tater tots, but from my professional opinion (and yes I consider myself an expert at being hung over) the post party brunch is a time for cleansing your body of all the questionable substances it may have experienced the night before. Unfortunately on weekend mornings it is easier to find a pancake then it is to find an orange, and although those overflowing trays of home fries may be tempting, aim to give your body some nutrients instead. Load your plates with some green veg, hard boiled eggs and cottage cheese (my personal favourite), you will feel better and you will be in for a much more productive Saturday afternoon full of readings.

It’s easy to hop into a line and eat whatever is on the ominous “classics” menu when it comes to lunch and supper, but who wants to wait thirty minutes for a potato and a piece of mystery meat anyway. Why not mosey to the salad bar, grab your a pile of your favourite veggies and make a unique stir fry? If you’re trying to cut out the rice and pasta you can always put your stir fry on a plate of spinach for a nifty salad, this is delicious. You can always sauce a handmade a pizza in the oven or make a giant, lovely salad using the salad bar and the pizza station for maximum ingredient options. Who doesn’t want feta on their salad?


When it comes to meal hall a little bit of effort goes a long way, taking dinner from terrible to tasty. So whether you’re struggling to eat better or just bored with your same old burger and fries, make an effort to spice up your meals when you attend Morrison Hall this year. Try not to eat the same thing day in and day out and don’t count on there being gems in the “classic” line everyday, unless it’s chicken which is always worth the wait. Here’s hoping this mini menu gave you one or two ideas of how to make your eats a little cooler this semester. I believe there is only one question left to ask and that is: when is our beloved Nutella coming back?