Let us study, StFX

How the university indirectly enforces party culture

Does anybody else enter the weekend and say, “Oh crap, I actually have a lot of shit to do in the next couple days?” Well, unfortunately most weekends I do. So then why is it, for those of us who desperately need these 48-odd hours to cram information into our brains, that the library shuts its doors and meal hall keeps us out?

Now that I’m in third year and finally living off campus, this thankfully isn’t as much of an issue for me anymore, although it still persists. My roommates often enjoy going out and destressing after a long week, and why shouldn’t they? They should be able to party and make all the noise they want to when they have the time to do so. I, being the weirdo that always wants to study, would normally perch myself in the fourth floor of the library in these instances, say, if they happened on a Wing Night or Thirsty Thursday at the Split Crow. But for those of us who want to be productive into the wee hours of the weekend, our serene study space is no more. 

Well then, why don’t you just go to the SUB? Great idea, muchos problemo. TheU has this newfound fascination with SuperSUBs, thus rendering the space unusable. And besides, if all of us who would prefer to be in Angus L. decided to pile into Bloomfield even on tame evenings, we’d soon find ourselves sitting three to a chair: the place just isn’t big enough to house all of us.

So, studying ends at 10:00 PM on Fridays and at 8:00 PM on Saturdays. Combine this with meal hall’s delayed 11:30 AM opening on weekends and you’ve lost just about half of your weekend if you live in residence. Again, spending my first year in Bishop’s and second in Power, I at least had a kitchen to make breakfast if I was really in a pinch. But for those living in more traditional residences, or people (like myself) who would rather spend their overpriced, mandatory meal plan than invest their minute funds at Sobeys on Tuesdays, this situation is a little ridiculous. First the university shuts off study spaces earlier than usual, and then we can’t even eat until almost lunchtime.

So what do you expect us to do, StFX? I guess we might as well all just go out and drink. If there is ever a discussion in the future where the university administration want to put a synch in this excessive party culture we all know we are a part of, then maybe they should allow us to be productive while the rest of our residence, apartment, or off-campus house uses their time as they please, and then wake up at a decent hour in the morning to get started again.